Action for Healthy Kids

Action for Healthy Kids provides information about healthy eating, healthy activity and healthier schools where kids thrive. For more information click here, Healthy Kids.

United Way Community Resources

United Way of Utah County offers a list of community resources. Please click here for more information, United Way Resources.

Sanderson Hearing Program

Sanderson Hearing Program has many resources for individuals hard of hearing. Click here for more information, Sanderson Program.

School Community University Partnership

SCUP provides private and volunteer tutoring programs to help students in the community to reach their educational goals. Click here for more information, SCUP

Utah County Community Resource Guide

Find extensive list of community resources, click here for more information, Utah County Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention Programs

National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI provides support, resources, education and advocate for those who suffer from mental illness and their families. Click here for more information, NAMI

Roseman University Prospective Dental Patients

Roseman Dental Clinic provides ongoing dental care at an affordable price. Click here for more information, Roseman Dental Clinic.

Utah Health Disparity Program

Utah Health Disparity Program provides Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Classes (CLAS) for teachers, health workers and minority groups. For more information, click here CLAS

U of U Health Feed

University of Utah Health Feed follows the latest health news. For more information click, Health Feed

Mental Health Resources and Conference Materials

IHC offers an online site with Mental Health resources and conferences available for the community. Click here for more information - IHC Mental Health Resources.